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Children's Health A Sore Point

Saturday December 20, 2008
HEALTH checks in remote communities under the federal indigenous intervention found that 31 per cent of children had at least one type of skin infection, including open sores and scabies.

Pow Helped Others Survive

Wednesday December 12, 2007
PAT DARLING 1913-2007 ALTHOUGH Pat Darling prayed every night in her Japanese prisoner of war camp that she would die before morning, she survived three terrible years of internment - bouts of malaria, beri- beri, dengue fever, "Banka" fever, lice, dysentery and scabies and avoiding serving as a prostitute for Japanese guards. All of this was after surviving a shipwreck.

Scabies Hits Aged Facility

Friday December 2, 2005
RESIDENTS and staff at Largs Lodge were treated for scabies after three people living at the aged home were diagnosed with the skin condition, spread by mites.

Scabies Found In Aged Home

Thursday May 22, 2003
Aged-care officers certified a Sydney nursing home despite repeated outbreaks of staphylococcus and scabies infections.

Fresh Trauma For Elderly As New Home Fails Tests

Thursday January 16, 2003
Three years after their rescue from kerosene baths and scabies outbreaks, former residents of the infamous Riverside Nursing Home have encountered fresh trauma with their new aged-care home labelled unsatisfactory.

Scabies Allegation

Tuesday April 4, 2000
Two St Vincent's Hospital nurses had caught scabies from Riverside Nursing Home patients, the Australian Nurses Federation said yesterday. But the allegations were rejected by the management of the aged care unit at St Vincent's where the residents are staying. The chief executive officer of

Remedy Just An Old Wives' Tale

Saturday February 26, 2000
It was an old wives' tale that a dose of kerosene would kill off lice or scabies. Although that never stopped people using it. But that was generations ago, said Professor Richard Russell, director of medical entomology at Westmead Hospital, part of the University of Sydney. ``Kerosene has bee

Playground Scourges

Monday May 12, 1997
LICE, school sores, worms and scabies. They sound particularly nasty and often carry connotations of poor hygiene or a lack of parental care. Many adults remember catching them as children - and it's highly likely their own children now occasionally come home from school scratching their heads o

Australia Succumbs To The 15-year Itch

Thursday September 2, 1993
Scratching? Itchy? Can't work out why? Australia is in the grip of a scabies epidemic that is unlikely to go away for at least 15 years. And, unless people are prepared to give up human contact altogether, they are at risk of catching the mites, the Sarcoptes scabiei, which survive on hu

A Torn City Smiles Again

Monday December 14, 1992
Months ago the world was anguished by the photos of Mohammed, seven, lying wasted and weak in a Somalian refugee camp. His eyes dead, his skin loose and scabies-infected, his arms and legs like matchsticks and his belly swollen tight from malnutrition, Mohammed's plight revealed the ravages that

Di: Prisoner In The Palace

Sunday September 20, 1992
WHERE exactly on the evolutionary tree do royal "biographers" belong?Somewhere in the vicinity of retro viruses, perhaps? Or closer to, say, scabies? You will have ample time to ponder this and related questions during this amazingly puerile "special" from Sally Jessy Raphael

Drama In The Stone Age

Tuesday August 25, 1987
WHEN Raun Raun Theatre finishes performing at Edinburgh's prestigious arts festival this month, the actors will set off for the New Guinean jungle to tell Stone Age tribes how to avoid catching scabies and venereal disease. Billed as one of the most unusual participants at the 41st festival in

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